Act Like Your Future Self Today: A Simple Mindset Shift

Hey there! It’s Chelsey, and today we’re diving into a simple yet powerful concept: acting like the successful future you, starting now. This idea, inspired by Dr. Benjamin Hardy’s book “Be Your Future Self Now,” has changed how we make choices, especially in hiring and growing our business. It’s not about dreaming; it’s about making decisions as if you’ve already achieved your goals.

In this episode, we share our personal experiences with this mindset. Visualizing ourselves in the future has helped us face challenges more confidently and see them as opportunities. It’s a tool that turns daunting tasks into chances for growth.

We’re also giving you practical tips. We discuss how to leave behind bad habits by thinking about the long-term impact of your actions. Whether it’s improving your health, your relationships, or your business, thinking about the future can change your choices today.

Setting clear goals and working backward from your envisioned future makes sure your daily actions are moving you towards your dreams. I talk about choosing to be authentic on social media as an example of how I apply this in my life.

This episode is perfect for anyone wanting to make better decisions and grow. It’s about not just being who you are but who you want to become. So, hit play and let’s start living as our future selves today!

January 31, 2024

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