Becoming Rainmakers: Our Journey from Time-Strapped Photographers to Online Entrepreneurship Advocates

Hello! I’m Chelsey, a wife, mom, and entrepreneur with a passion for empowering fellow moms to create time leverage and financial legacy.

In 2017, my husband and I decided to pivot from our wedding photography business, which was all-consuming and left us with little time for the family life we envisaged. Our business, which should have been our baby, was instead our taskmaster. We dreamt of starting a family but didn’t want to stretch ourselves thin or neglect our future children.

Thus, we embarked on a passive income adventure, seeking ways to create income streams that would support our family and allow us to step into the greater callings on our lives. Just in time, we found the solution before the birth of our son, Kaizen.

Our discovery? A program that offered the leverage we craved – an opportunity to invest an hour of effort and reap a hundredfold return. This program, which we now refer to as The Rainmaker Method, was the breakthrough we needed.

Over the years, The Rainmaker Method has evolved and enabled us to build a thriving business while enjoying time freedom with our children, Kaizen and Ollie. We’ve been able to help thousands of Moms find their purpose and profit from home, leading to some inspiring success stories. These ‘Rainmaker Moms’ have achieved financial freedom and time flexibility, becoming millionaires and providing for their families without compromising on their family time.

Being a ‘Rainmaker’ to these moms is about creating passive income, or ‘making it rain,’ for their families. We’ve seen moms step into this role with gusto, breaking away from the traditional work constraints and stepping into a world of time freedom, generational abundance, and thriving family legacies.

We’re thrilled to invite you to join us on this journey. To learn more about the Rainmaker Method, check out our
website and see how other moms have transformed their lives.

July 18, 2023

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