Easy Steps to Grow Your Email List

Today, we’re talking about something super important but often overlooked: email marketing. Trust me, this can really make a big difference for your business.

Email marketing is a powerful way to talk directly to your customers. If you’re not using it yet, you’re missing out on a lot of opportunities. It’s like having your own house in the digital world, where you can invite your customers over anytime, instead of just visiting them on places like Amazon or Instagram.

Think of your email list as a bucket where you collect all your potential customers – your rain. To start filling this bucket, you need something special to offer, something so good that people will give you their email just to get it. This special something is called a lead magnet.

Once you’ve got your lead magnet, the next step is to let everyone know about it. Use every tool you have, from social media to any other platforms, to spread the word and get as many people as possible to sign up.

The great thing about email marketing is that it’s easy and doesn’t have to cost much. There are tools out there that can help you send out awesome emails without a lot of hassle. Today, I’ll show you how to use these tools and take simple steps to start building your email list.

So, are you ready to start collecting your rain? Let’s jump into this episode and learn how to build that bucket, create an amazing offer, and get your message out there. It’s time to get started, and I’m here to help you make it rain!

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Episode: minute by minute 

  • 00:00 Introduction to the Practical Ways to Start Building Your Email List 
  • 00:52 The Importance of Building an Email List
  • 01:56 The Power of Email Marketing in Action
  • 02:38 The Value of Owning Your Email List
  • 03:41 Breaking Down the Process of Email Marketing
  • 04:34 Setting Up Your Email Marketing System
  • 07:37 The Power of Themed Newsletters
  • 17:39 Creating Irresistible Lead Magnets
  • 21:47 Amplifying Your Email Marketing Efforts
  • 23:51 Action Steps to Building Your Email List!

February 16, 2024

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