Embracing Adventure: From London’s Streets to Portugal’s Coast (Our Visual Diary)

Travel has always been a transformative experience for me. It’s not just about the places we visit but the memories we create, the perspectives we gain, and the legacies we build. Our recent journey from the bustling streets of London to the tranquil beauty of Portugal was no exception.

Witnessing Through Kai’s Eyes: One of the most magical parts of this trip was seeing the world anew through Kai’s eyes. Every corner turned, every new sound or sight, brought out a sense of wonder in him. It was a beautiful reminder of the pure joy that comes from discovering something for the first time. It made me reflect on the importance of always staying curious and open, no matter where life takes us.



Ollie’s Growing Confidence: Our little Ollie, with each step on the European streets, grew more confident. His innocent waves to strangers weren’t just heartwarming; they were a testament to the universal language of kindness and connection. It’s these small gestures that often leave the most lasting impressions, reminding us of the power of human connection.



A Nostalgic Look Back: Traveling through Europe brought back memories of my solo trip at 20. Armed with a DSLR camera on Stephen’s recommendation, I not only captured moments but also set the foundation for my photography journey and the inception of Rainmakers! That trip ignited a passion for travel that still burns brightly. And as I watched our boys explore, I felt a beautiful blend of nostalgia and excitement for the paths they’ll carve out in the world.



To our young adventurers, Ollie and Kai, I hope the spirit of your past journeys shapes your future ones. May you always carry with you the love for discovery, the joy of new experiences, and the legacy of the Rainmaker spirit.

Check out our a visual diary of our adventures, from the energetic vibes of London to the peaceful allure of Portugal!

Embrace the journey, cherish the legacy, and until our next adventure,



August 23, 2023

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