Finding Your Purpose: Stefanie Gass on Faith, Failure, and Following Your Heart

In today’s episode, we’re exploring life beyond the business world with Stefanie Gass, an expert in harmonizing business, family life, and faith. For those of you questioning how to integrate your personal passions with your professional life without losing your core values, Stefanie’s story of rising from uncertainty to living a purpose-filled life is just what you need to hear.

Stefanie opens up about how faith has been her beacon through the ups and downs, guiding her towards a business that not only succeeds but fulfills her soul’s calling. Imagine steering through the entrepreneurial landscape with a compass that always points to your true essence.

If you’re sitting there wondering, “Where do I start to find my own calling?” or “Is it too late for me?” Stefanie’s insights could be the turning point for you. It’s not about inventing something groundbreaking; it’s about recognizing and utilizing your unique talents to make a difference in a way that only you can.

She addresses the common hurdles of investment, fear, and doubt with honesty, showing that real success comes from perseverance, faith, and the right advice, rather than a flawless plan. Stefanie’s strategy simplifies the complexity of launching a business, shining a light on the importance of purpose and passion in your journey.

So, if you’re on the brink of blending your personal mission with your career, or if you’re just looking for a surge of motivation, this episode is for you. Press play to be inspired by Stefanie Gass’s transformative story of faith, embracing failures, and mastering the craft of bringing your passions to life. This episode might just be the catalyst for the change you’ve been seeking in both life and business. Let’s get started and make it rain, together!

Links for this episode:

  • 00:00 Introduction and Welcome to Stefanie Gass
  • 00:49 Understanding Your Calling
  • 01:57 Stefanie’s Journey to Finding Her Calling
  • 02:57 The Importance of Faith in Business
  • 04:12 Overcoming Business Failure and Personal Struggles
  • 05:30 The Process of Discovering Your Calling
  • 08:48 The Power of Consistency and Discipline
  • 12:12 Understanding Your Gifts and Trials
  • 12:55 Steps to Discover Your Calling
  • 21:29 Success Story: From Unclear Calling to Successful Business
  • 26:02 Final Thoughts and Guest Contact Information

March 10, 2024

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