Journaling: A Time For Reflection and Thanksgiving

November has always been a special time for Stephen and me – a month of resetting and reflecting. It’s when we take a moment to look back at the year, contemplating our highs and lows, and everything that’s shaped us.

As we approach and celebrate Thanksgiving, I find myself drawn even more to my journal. It’s a practice I’ve held dear since my middle school days. Flipping through those pages, I can’t help but smile (and sometimes cringe) at the thoughts of 13-year-old me. But, oh, how precious they are!

Journaling has been a constant in my life, through every season. Some entries are more frequent than others, and each one captures a unique part of my journey. It’s fascinating to see the growth over the years, to witness how dreams have evolved, and how some prayers are still in the process of being answered.

This week, I’m not just journaling; I’m celebrating that young girl who started it all. I’m thankful for her, for the memories she captured, and the details she thought to record. Those journals are a treasure trove of moments, a legacy of personal growth and dreams.

To everyone in our wonderful community, I encourage you to find your own way of reflecting during this season. Whether it’s journaling like me, or another form of self-expression, cherish these moments of introspection and gratitude.

Let’s head into this week with a heart full of thanksgiving, celebrating our past selves and the beautiful journey we’re on.

Stay inspired and keep chasing those dreams!

With love,


November 29, 2023

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