Finding Answers in Unusual Places: The Story of the Missing Chick and the Power of Perspective

If I have learned one thing about success… It’s that sometimes you have to look in unexpected places to find your answer.

It was a chilly evening, the clock striking 10 pm as I stepped outside into the dark to close the door on our chicken coop. As I peeked inside, my heart sank. One of our new chicks was missing. Now, we haven’t named our chickens, but they bring me so much joy, and the thought of losing one was devastating.

I had seen her wandering the yard earlier that day, pecking at the ground and exploring her world. Where could she have gone? I started frantically looking around the yard, the flashlight on my phone casting long shadows as I searched.

After a few minutes, I knew I had to bring in my husband, Stephen, for reinforcements, so we began a more thorough search. We combed through the yard with an old photography light, looking in the same places I had just looked, as well as further afield.

As we searched, we discovered that the fencing around our coop wasn’t as sturdy as we thought. A predator could have easily gotten in if they wanted to. It was a sobering realization…could the worst have happened? 

…But it wasn’t the end of our story.

Just then, Stephen decided to look up. And what did he see? Our missing chick, perched on top of our coop, trying to settle in for the night. Relief washed over us. Our girl was safe!

This little adventure led us to discover a flaw in our coop’s security that we might not have noticed otherwise. It was as if our chick getting stuck was a way for us to discover something that could have been far more detrimental if left unnoticed.

Isn’t life like that sometimes? We feel stuck, frustrated, and going in circles around the same problem over and over again. But this experience reminded me that sometimes, the answer isn’t always in the places we keep looking. Sometimes, we need to change our perspective, look up, and see the solution staring right back at us.

So, if you’re feeling stuck in your journey towards time freedom and generational abundance, remember our little chick. Remember to look up, to change your perspective. You might just find the answer you’ve been searching for in the most unexpected place.

Keep chasing your dreams, Rainmakers. And remember, even when things seem tough, there’s always a way to turn a challenge into an opportunity. Let’s continue to build our thriving family legacies, one day at a time. 

August 6, 2023

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