Life Lessons from a Hip Hop Dance Class

A few years ago, right before Kaizen was born, I felt a tug to try something new—something fun. I’d always thought about taking an adult hip-hop class, but year after year, it remained just a thought. It’s funny how we can talk about doing something without actually making it happen, right?

Finally, the universe seemed to listen. One day, walking into the gym, I saw a sign for an adult hip-hop class happening that very night. It felt like a sign—I had to go for it. Despite the nerves and being out of practice, I jumped in.

Dancing hip-hop was different from any dance I’d done before. It was challenging and a bit awkward at first, especially since I was more familiar with ballet and gymnastics from my younger days. But embracing that discomfort taught me so much about the joy of being a beginner and accepting that it’s okay not to be the best right away.

After taking classes for a couple of years, life got in the way, and the dance studio paused the classes due to the pandemic. Recently, the desire to dance resurfaced. Coincidentally, at a social gathering, a woman mentioned a dance studio I hadn’t heard of that offered drop-in adult hip-hop classes. I took it as a sign and dove back in.

This time around, I realized how important regular practice and consistency are. Each week, we build on our routine, and recently, after putting in some extra practice at home, even the instructor noticed my improvement.

Here’s what I’ve learned and want to share with you:

  • Take action on your desires: Don’t let your dreams stay as just dreams. Make moves to make them a reality.
  • Embrace being a beginner: It’s okay not to have all the answers or be the best right away. There’s joy in learning.
  • Consistency is key: Regular practice can elevate your skills quickly and make a significant impact.

Whether it’s dancing, starting a new business, or learning a new skill, these lessons apply. Maybe this is the sign you’ve been waiting for to start something new or to pick up where you left off. Remember, the simple act of practicing regularly can lead to great strides.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. If you’ve been thinking about picking up a new hobby or revisiting an old passion, why not start today? And if you’re looking for more inspiration or resources, check out my website and podcast.

Until next time, keep dancing through life’s challenges and turning your can’ts into cans!

May 1, 2024

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