Navigating Relationship Setbacks: How Our Mission Statement Became Our North Star



When Stephen and I sent out our save-the-dates, the excitement was palpable. 

Friends and family eagerly marked their calendars, and the future seemed set in stone. 

But life, as it often does, threw us a curveball. Just when we thought we were on a clear path to marriage, Stephen made the unilateral decision to call off our wedding shortly after the save-the-dates were sent out.

This wasn’t a mutual decision, and it hit me like a ton of bricks. While I had been busy envisioning our future together, Stephen was grappling with external pressures and fears that led him to this drastic step.

The period that followed was tumultuous, to say the least. It was a time filled with uncertainty, questions, and a lot of soul-searching. But, as they say, every cloud has a silver lining.

For me, this pause became an opportunity to rebuild our relationship on a stronger, healthier foundation.

During this time, we embarked on a transformative exercise: crafting a mission statement for our lives.

We approached this task separately, allowing space for individual reflection. The goal was to articulate our aspirations, values, and vision for the future. When we reconvened to share our thoughts, a beautiful realization dawned upon us. Our mission statements, though penned independently, bore striking similarities. It was as if our souls, despite the recent turbulence, were in sync.

Together, we merged our visions into a unified mission statement. This wasn’t just a collection of words; it was a declaration of our shared purpose and direction. And with its creation, a profound sense of peace enveloped us. It was as if the universe was affirming our path, guiding us with an invisible compass.

This mission statement became our North Star. In moments of doubt or conflict, we’d return to it, reminding ourselves of the journey we’d committed to and the legacy we aimed to build. It was more than a roadmap; it was a testament to our resilience, love, and shared dreams.

In sharing this story, I hope to inspire others facing challenges in their relationships. Remember, setbacks can be opportunities in disguise. They can push you to dig deeper, to find clarity, and to emerge stronger than before. For Stephen and me, our mission statement was the anchor that steadied our ship amidst stormy seas. It’s a reminder that, with love, understanding, and a shared vision, any obstacle can be overcome.

As our family has grown over the years, so has our family mission statement! We have added and refined, and now our boys are involved in the process. So whether you and your partner are just getting started as a family, or if you already have kids – this is an exercise I think everyone will benefit from! 

Learn more about the power of family mission statements on this episode of The Rainmaker Family Show! 

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September 15, 2023

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