Quarterly Check Ins: Our Family’s Strategy for Growth and Connection

As we step into Quarter Two, I’m feeling a mix of excitement and reflection. Stephen and I just wrapped up the first quarter of the year, and it’s time for our quarterly check-in—a practice we’ve found incredibly valuable for both our business and our family life.

We used to set yearly goals and then almost forget about them until the next year. That’s changed now! We realized how important it is to look at our goals more often. This year, we’ve committed to reviewing our progress every quarter. It doesn’t matter if it’s a quick coffee date or a weekend getaway; the key is taking time to really focus on what we’ve accomplished and what needs more attention.

This month, we’re combining this practice with a little celebration for our anniversary and my birthday. The first part of our trip will be just us, reflecting on our goals and planning how to tackle the next quarter. It’s our chance to realign, especially after a busy start to the year.

We’re looking at everything—from business targets to personal goals like ensuring we have quality one-on-one time with each of our boys, something we’ve been doing okay with, but really want to excel at by scheduling these dates more intentionally.

And let’s talk date nights! We aimed for twice a month but haven’t stuck to it as well as we’d hoped. Recognizing this has prompted us to think about practical steps like booking a babysitter in advance to make sure it happens.

This approach isn’t just for big businesses or those with hectic schedules; it’s something any family can do. It’s about taking a moment to ask, “Are we on track? What can we improve?” It’s not about being perfect but about being proactive and intentional.

Sharing this part of our journey with you all is so important because I believe in the power of community and learning from each other. Whether you’re running a business, managing home life, or juggling both, taking the time to reflect and adjust regularly can make a huge difference.

Let’s keep pushing forward, setting meaningful goals, and supporting each other in achieving them. Here’s to making the most of every quarter and building a life and legacy we’re proud of!

May 7, 2024

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