That Gut Feeling: Grow Your Intuition By Taking Action

Sometimes, the best way to grow your gut feeling is to take action.

 The journey of life requires us to take a leap of faith, and to GO before we KNOW, and to trust the whispers of our intuition. I often reflect on listening to those subtle nudges and gentle reminders that urge us to act, to connect, and to reach out.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t believe in coincidences.

So, when a friend suddenly pops into my mind, I see it as a sign, a gentle nudge to send a loving message, a word of encouragement, a simple check-in. It’s so easy to let these moments like that slide, to get lost in the hustle and bustle of life, but when those reminders persist, it’s a call to action.

On the other hand, in our journey of building a business, it’s not always about following fleeting feelings or going with our first reaction. Instead, it’s about those moments of deep conviction, those moments of profound knowing that the messages we share are important and needed.

Trusting your gut can take shape in various different ways. That’s why it’s important to stay in tune!

Lately, I’ve been stepping into the unknown and impressing my gut feeling at a higher level. I’ve committed to going live on Instagram, sharing my journey, ansd my thoughts to help others.

It’s a space of vulnerability, a space of authenticity. It’s not about having every word perfectly scripted, it’s about embracing the imperfections the realness, and sharing my story.

When I first started to feel the nudge, my initial hesitations were kind of funny, like the fear of a coffee spill mishap, a bad hair day, or saying something silly while live I couldn’t take back. But beneath those surface-level fears, there was a deeper knowing and conviction that this was my path, that I was meant to share my journey in this way.

Choosing to embrace this space, to face the fears, to see what unfolds and be at peace with the process–it’s been transformative. I’ve learned that in moments like this, it’s about trusting that deep-seated desire to share, to inspire, to connect, to learn and grow along the way.

Growth only happens by embracing imperfections, the learning curves, the moments of growth. It’s about evolving, expanding, and having the courage to step into the unknown, to step into your truth.

It’s a journey of self-trust, of taking that first step into the unknown, even when it’s scary, even when every detail isn’t meticulously planned out. It’s about trusting your gut, and allowing it to guide you through the beautiful, unfolding journey of life.

What’s your gut telling you today?

October 12, 2023

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