A Decade of Love, Legacy, and Learning: Our 10-Year Wedding Anniversary 



“Better together.” It’s a phrase that has echoed in my heart since the days of high school dating. 

That Jack Johnson’s song was popular when we were dating and it’s a sentiment that has only grown stronger with time, and it reminds me of my journey with Stephen.

Life, with its sweet moments and challenging times, has been an incredible adventure with Stephen by my side. This year, we celebrated a decade of marriage, a decade of shared dreams, laughter, tears, and most importantly, growth. Ten years of building a family legacy that we’re proud to continue nurturing.

Our journey hasn’t been a walk in the park. It’s been a climb, a trek, a voyage. But every step, every stumble, every triumph has been worth it. We’ve worked hard to lay a healthy foundation for our relationship, one that can weather the storms and bask in the sunshine. And even though the tenth year has been the most challenging, we’ve emerged stronger, freer, and more united.

As we look forward to a million more years of chasing dreams, saying yes to opportunities, and reveling in the joy of our journey, we’re grateful for the support system that has been with us every step of the way. Our family, friends, and mentors have poured into us, enabling us to pour into others.

Around the time of our big day, someone asked me to name the first 10 things I've learned over 10 years that could  help other couples. I could go on and on about our journey, but here are the first ones that came to mind:

  1. Communication is a must: Good communication is super important in any relationship, and marriage to Stephen is no exception. We’ve put in the effort to improve our communication and it’s made a big difference in our relationship!

  2. Gratitude goes a long way: Marriage can be full of joy and happiness, and it’s important to be thankful for the good times and bad times and appreciate your partner. As we hit our 10-year wedding anniversary, I’m filled with gratitude for the past decade. The last 10 years of marriage have been the best of my life.

  3. Mission statement magic: Creating a shared mission statement has helped us steer through the rough times and give us a shared direction for our future. Stephen and I created a mission statement together while we were engaged, which has been our compass throughout our relationship.

  4. Teamwork makes the dream work: Marriage is all about partnership, and it’s important to approach it as a team effort. Stephen and I have always viewed our marriage as a team, and we know that no matter what, we’re always on the same team and have each other’s back!

  5. Personal growth galore: Marriage provides opportunities for personal growth and self-discovery. Our marriage has been the training ground for me to become a better version of myself, and has helped me work through deep-seated beliefs I had about myself.

  6. Comfort is key: Feeling comfortable enough to be yourself is so important. One thing I have always loved about Stephen is that he makes me feel so comfortable being myself. I never feel like I have to put on a show.

  7. Positivity is powerful: Stephen always looks for the silver lining in every situation, and it’s been amazing to see this in our relationship. He has helped me look more at “the glass half full” and approach life with more abundance.

  8. Trust is crucial: Trusting in both Stephen and God has helped build a strong foundation for our marriage. Nothing creates a sense of security in our relationship like trust.

  9. Mutual support is a must: Supporting each other in our personal and professional pursuits brings us even closer together. I love watching Stephen grow as a leader, a teacher, and a dad. Building a business and a family at the same time is the greatest adventure!

  10. Kindness goes a long way: Being kind and compassionate towards your spouse and others is key. Stephen is so humble, kind, and always there to help people get to a higher level in their life or business. These qualities make me love him even more!

As we continue our journey, we’re excited to keep learning, growing, and building our legacy. Here’s to a million more years of love, growth, and adventure together!

July 28, 2023

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