Elevating and Balancing: Entrepreneurship Meets Family Life (Calling Them Out vs Calling Them Up)

We’re excited to share that we were recently featured on Stephanie Blake’s “Powerful Parenting Podcast Journey.” It was an incredible experience discussing the challenges and triumphs of juggling entrepreneurship with family life, and we’re thrilled to bring the full episode to you right here!

In our heartfelt conversation, we delve into what drives us, strategies for managing hectic schedules without feeling guilty as parents, and finding the right balance with screen time, among other topics. This episode is packed with insights on propelling your business forward while ensuring quality time and connection with your family.

Stephanie has a unique talent for uncovering the essence of handling dual roles as parents and entrepreneurs. Her passion for assisting parents in making impactful decisions, nurturing future world changers, and encouraging entrepreneurial spirit in children resonates deeply with us. We understand the juggling act of aligning business strategies with family commitments, and we shared valuable lessons that have guided us on this journey.

Becoming parents highlighted for us the priceless value of time spent with our children. We aimed to craft a lifestyle allowing us the flexibility to step back from work when necessary. Watching our youngest grow, we’re constantly reminded of how swiftly time flies and the importance of cherishing every moment. Our goal is to empower moms to enjoy more time with their families, creating unforgettable memories.

As our businesses flourished, it became crucial to be deliberate about how we spent our time and which business activities truly mattered. That’s why, at the end of the show, we reveal our top strategy for eliminating the overwhelming sense of “mom guilt” and managing a thriving online business. This advice is a total game-changer for every Rainmaker mom out there!

Press play to join us in this enlightening conversation. We share our personal experiences and commitment to building a legacy of family connection and time together, all while nurturing successful businesses!

November 9, 2023

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