Entrepreneurship and Motherhood: Leaving Toxic Hustle Culture Behind & Building a 7-Figure Business with Kristen Boss



Hey there, Stephen and Chelsey here!

We’re back with another Rainmaker Family Show episode that we can’t wait to share with you. This time, we had the pleasure of chatting with Kristen Boss, a seven-figure business owner who stepped away from the toxic hustle culture and embraced a purpose-driven life.

Kristen wears many hats – she’s an author, podcast host, and coach, but what we loved most about our conversation with her was her candor and vulnerability. She shared her journey from her early entrepreneurial days when even her family and friends doubted her, to the point of near burnout with two little ones at home.

Kristen thought that if she just hustled harder, the money would follow.

But when she made her first million dollars, she found herself unsatisfied. That’s when we dove into the importance of mindset and how it shapes our experiences.

Kristen’s transparency was truly refreshing, and she touched on topics that are near and dear to our hearts as well. We know you’re going to love this episode, so grab a cup of your favorite beverage, get comfy, and join us in our conversation with Kristen Boss.

We’re sure you’ll find her insights as inspiring and thought-provoking as we did. Happy listening, and remember – there’s more to life than just hustling!

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Episode: minute by minute 

  • 0:02 What’s inside today’s episode!

  • 1:15 We meet Kristen as she shares her journey into “Hustle Culture” and what she learned

  • 4:54 How Kristen Pivoted from hustle towards purpose

  • 11:44 Some tips on how to shift from hustle mindset into a gratitude mindset

  • 20:15 So how far can you get on freebie content really?

  • 25:05 Why you shouldn’t tell anyone about your dream for the first year 

  • 28:28 How to make decisions with your spouse 

  • 36:16 Go out and fail despite a growing sense of shame 

  • 38:54 Wrap up and where to follow Kristen

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May 28, 2019

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