Passive vs Active Investing For Women & What Might Just Be The BETTER For Your Teens Than Taking That Summer Job with Kara AyalaPublished

We recently sat down with the incredible Kara Ayala and we couldn’t wait to share the experience! We met Kara in  a mastermind we are a part of and brought a wealth of wisdom, especially for the women in our audience.

In our conversation, Kara shared her journey with her husband, Mike, as they transitioned from being employees to entrepreneurs. Starting off with a plumbing and HVAC company, they quickly realized that they needed to diversify their income streams. This led them to the exciting world of real estate investing, where they began by purchasing two single-family homes each year.

However, one day they stumbled upon a mobile home park and decided to take the risk – a decision that proved extremely fruitful. Kara shared how this less-than-glamorous investment actually became a great source of passive income for their family. This shift towards passive investing allowed them to continue growing their business while also building wealth on the side.

But Kara’s journey was about more than just financial growth. She highlighted the importance of nurturing an abundant mindset – a mindset that she and Mike developed together. They focused on investing in themselves and their education, asking questions, and challenging their beliefs about money.

As a woman and an entrepreneur, it was inspiring to hear Kara’s perspective on managing money and investing. She reminded me that it’s okay to ask questions and to invest in areas that are new or unfamiliar. We all start somewhere, and it’s through self-education and taking risks that we can achieve financial freedom.

But honestly, Kara is the exact kind of mom we love to surround ourselves with. Her wisdom and understanding of finances, investing, and living an abundant life is such an inspiration. She shares her knowledge freely and has a passion for empowering others, especially women, to take charge of their financial futures.

If you’ve been feeling a bit uncertain or intimidated about investing or just want to learn more about financial abundance, there’s so much you can learn from Kara. She’s proof that investing and maintaining a loving family life are not mutually exclusive – you can absolutely have both. Hit play and enjoy this episode of The Rainmaker Family Show!


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Episode: minute by minute: 

  • 0:00 Introduction to today’s show & marriage is the best mastermind

  • 3:22 How Kara found herself on the path of entrepreneurship 

  • 6:03 How anyone can shape the abundance mindset

  • 11:45 Some of Kara’s favorite investments so far and the real ROI

  • 14:18 Learning how to embrace growth and feeling good in the uncomfortable

  • 17:19 How do you protect your boundaries  when you are scaling your investments?

  • 20:25 The difference between passive vs active in real estate

  • 25:13 What Kara is doing to leave a legacy for her children and money mindset lessons

  • 33:11 Closing thoughts and advice everyone needs to hear from Kara

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August 16, 2023

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