My End of The Day Ritual: Why I Recommend This To Every Mom For a Balanced Life


In the dance of daily life, where we whirl between roles and responsibilities, finding a moment to breathe and mentally transition from the world of work to the sanctuary of home is crucial.

I call this the power of the PAUSE.

 At the end of my work day, I have a small yet transformative ritual that has become my anchor and my bridge between mom and CEO. I’ve been embracing this end-of-the-day ritual for a few months now, by just carving out 5 to 10 minutes as my work day ends and before I jump into mom world with my boys. 

In these moments, I reflect on the day’s journey, acknowledging the tasks conquered, the mountains climbed, and then, I sketch out the landscape of my next workday, allowing the to-do list to flow out of my mind and on to the page creating space for presence and connection.

With a few deep breaths, I process, and have a moment to say, ‘Look what you accomplished today.’ It’s a pause, a breath of clarity that shields me from the frazzle of hopping from one realm to the next, especially when stepping into the world of my kids, who yearn for my attention, my presence, regardless of how overstimulated or overwhelmed I might be.

Sometimes, this ritual becomes a lifeline, allowing me to affirm, ‘I’m good. I did what I needed to do today,’ and to step fully, wholly into the embrace of my family. If I can be fully present with them, if I can be there in every laugh, every story, every hug, then I know, I’ve had a successful day!

Next time you start to feel the frazzle come on, take five minutes to yourself and embress the power of the pause!


October 26, 2023

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