The 2 Week Vacation Test: can your business pass the test?

Looking back on the journey, I can see how you can have the impact and revenue you want in business but without the hustle.

However, i didn’t always understand that! There was a time in our lives when everything in the business fell on us…

There was no such thing as weekends or vacations. It seemed like we worked 24/7 and felt there was no end to the to-do list. As we have grown as entrepreneurs and leaders, we have now built a team and have learned to outsource. When our second son, Ollie was born, we actually to took whole months off and our business didn’t skip a beat, thanks to our incredible crew! This reality is possible for every entrepreneur at any stage in business.

Don’t believe me? Let me introduce you to “The 2-Week Vacation Test”

Recently on the podcast, we had a chat on our podcast today with the brilliant Austin
Netzley. He introduced us to this fascinating idea from his book, the “2 Week Vacation Test.”
Between the three of us, we’ve experienced the highs and lows of entrepreneurship, and Austin’s
perspective added a whole new layer of understanding.

We were genuinely moved hearing about Austin’s journey. Here’s a guy, in his prime, running
marathons, yet facing severe anxiety attacks due to business pressures. He even had to dial
911 twice! It made us realize the true weight many entrepreneurs carry, often silently. But here’s
the twist – Austin found his saving grace in something as simple yet profound as systems. It isn’t
about adding complexity, but about finding simplicity in daily tasks through things like checklists.

A point Austin stressed on, which we think is worth its weight in gold, is that before adding
anything new to your to-do list, you need to check what you should stop doing. As
entrepreneurs, we’re often running on overdrive, doing a ton but oftentimes achieving very little.
By focusing on what’s essential and streamlining your processes, you can free up so much
mental and physical space.

Now, the burning question: What’s the “2 Week Vacation Test?” Imagine jetting off for two weeks
with no emails, no calls, and zero business contact. If your business runs, grows, and thrives in
your absence, congrats! You’ve built a solid system. But if the mere thought sends shivers down
your spine, it’s time to reconsider your business structure.

So, to all the entrepreneurs out there, consider this: Can your business pass the 2-week
vacation test? It’s a challenge, but one that promises not just efficiency but genuine peace of
mind. If you’re intrigued and want to dive deeper into this concept, hit play and listen in as we
unpack the 2-week vacation test with Austin! Stay tuned for more of our chats and keep making
it rain!

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Episode: minute by minute

  • ● 00:00 Introduction to special guest Austin Netzley, talking about the 2-week vacation test
    ● 01:47 Austin talks about how the 2 week vacation test came about
    ● 03:36 Austin talks about stress in entrepreneurship and the importance of coaching
    ● 04:49 How systems began to change everything for Austin
    ● 06:49 Austin recommends cutting back things that hold you back, before adding anything new
    ● 09:29 Austin gives some examples of the 30-40 percent of things businesses could cut out
    ● 12:04 Austin talks about the two muscles that every entrepreneur should develop
    ● 15:36 Austin breaks down the importance of life systems and business systems
    ● 17:05 How Austin’s businesses and systems have evolved over the years
    ● 18:16 What is the 2 week vacation test and how do you pass it?
    ● 21:30 Here are some ways to be the most effective and focused on workdays
    ● 25:59 The benefits of being really intentional with how you start and end your day
    ● 28:36 Austin gives his opinion on meetings and the most productive way to use them

  • ● 32:15 Austin gives insight on KPI’s and tracking numbers for your business
    ● 35:00 How to get a hold of Austin’s book and how to stay connected with him!

October 26, 2023

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