How to Predict The Future of Your Business

What if you could know what’s going to happen in your business at this time next year? It would be crazy, right?

For most moms and CEOs this would probably give you a sense a peace and comfort. Not only that, but with more insight it could give you a better chance at making a game plan to hit your goals!

I am excited to have you back with us for the podcast! Ready to dive into a topic that’s been huge for our business – Key Performance Indicators, or KPIs. These guys have been a game-changer in our business and personal growth journey. But hold on, because there’s something else we’re excited to share: scorecards.

Thinking back to a time before we became the Rainmakers, navigating the unknown waters of entrepreneurship as wedding photographers without KPIs or scorecards. It was all gut feelings and hope, filled with anxiety, especially during those lean months.

Now, fast forward to our days as Rainmakers, and KPIs and scorecards have become our guides. Think of KPIs as the metrics on your scorecard – the lines that provide clarity and direction. It’s like creating a game where you make the rules and keep score to determine if you’re winning or need to change things up.

Whether you’re just starting out or steering a business towards scaling new heights, KPIs and scorecards are your friends. They act as a safety net during the slow times and can predict the future path for your business’s growth. Here at Rainmakers, we’ve woven scorecards into our daily operations, using them to set goals, make predictions, and gain cool insights.

Ready to start your KPI journey? All you need is a basic spreadsheet, like a digital scorecard. Create a list of the responsible parties and the KPI categories, similar to the rows and columns of a scorecard. Set up quarterly goals that align with your big vision. Focus on a few key metrics that really drive your business. 

Our Rainmakers experience is living proof of the awesome power of KPIs and scorecards. By zeroing in on the top three drivers of your business, tracking them religiously through your scorecard, and setting real goals, you’ll see amazing growth. 

Are you ready to take a deeper dive into the world of KPIs and scorecards? Hit that play button now to gain access to insights that can set you on a path to success like never before!

Episode: minute by minute 

  • 00:00 Jumping into today’s episode about spreadsheets and the importance of tracking your business!

  • 01:18 Tracking business growth and all your revenue, using what we call, a scorecard 

  • 02:07 Chelsey talks about the beginning of their business journey and the lessons they learned 

  • 03:53 Stephen stalks about how a scorecard helps predict future patterns in your business

  • 04:20 Implementing the scorecard into our L10 meeting structure: listen back to episode 99 for more on that structure! 

  • 05:05 The importance of looking at the scorecard every week as a business 

  • 06:31 How do you know that you had a good week in your business?

  • 07:12 Examples of what to track in your business 

  • 10:15 Here are some examples of what scorecards can look like for you! 

  • 11:15 Steps to creating your first scorecard 

  • 13:16 Chelsey gives an example of setting personal scorecards outside of your business 

  • 18:53 A list of our different businesses that each have a scorecard 

  • 22:05 In the beginning stages of your business and setting a foundation for growth 

  • 25:03 Here is how you can take action today! 

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October 16, 2023

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