Flipping the Root: How I Transformed My Mindset for a Thriving Life


Today I want to share a personal story with you. It’s about a journey I embarked on, a journey that transformed not just my outlook on life, but my entire life itself.

You see, Stephen and I, we’ve always had different perspectives on life. Stephen, my incredible husband and co-founder of The Rainmaker Family, he’s always been the eternal optimist. His glass isn’t just half full; it’s overflowing with positivity and hope. And honestly, it used to bother me. I would often find myself trying to pull him back down to my level, asking him to be “real” and “realistic.”

Why? Because I was the glass-half-empty kind of girl. I took pride in my outlook, believing it made me the more sensible and realistic one. But this negative attitude of mine almost cost us our relationship while we were still dating.

It was a summer day on the beach in Santa Cruz when we almost called it quits. That day marked the beginning of a transformative journey for me. I started to question why my default was always fear-based. Why was I always expecting the worst?

What I didn’t realize then, but understand now, is that my negative mindset was robbing me of so much joy. It was then that I embarked on a journey of what we now call “flipping the root.” It’s about taking a negative thought and turning it on its head. It’s about speaking positivity into existence, writing down new, positive thoughts, and declaring them out loud. I had to reprogram my mind to think differently.

This process, which I’ve been practicing for years, has completely changed my outlook on life. Instead of expecting doom and gloom around every corner, I now look forward to what’s ahead. I can confidently say that every problem comes with a possibility attached.

Flipping the root works, and I’m living proof of that. Our thoughts create our outcomes and shape our beliefs about ourselves.

So, I want to ask you:

  • What kind of thoughts are you thinking?

  • What words are coming out of your mouth?

  • Are they positive or negative?

  • Would you say those same thoughts you’re thinking about yourself out loud to your kids?

That last question always gets me!

I’m here to challenge you, not because I want to make things difficult for you, but because I want to see you grow. I’ve seen the transformation in my own life, and I want you to experience it too! So, are you ready to flip the root and build a thriving legacy? I am cheering you on every step of the way!


August 6, 2023

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