Motherhood and Entrepreneurship: Navigating the Journey and Business Ownership in 2024

Welcome back, Rainmakers! Chelsey here, and I’m super excited about today’s episode. It’s a fun one because Stephen took the role of the interviewer and asked me a few questions! Recently, a company reached out to write an article about me! They sent over some intriguing questions, and I thought, why not share these insights directly with you too on the podcast!

Today, we’re delving into the realms of motherhood and business ownership in 2024, a journey close to my heart. In our community, we often discuss the challenges moms face when stepping into the world of entrepreneurship. If you’re a mom pondering the entrepreneurial path, this episode is crafted just for you! I’m going to share real, raw insights on how I’ve navigated these challenges and transformed them into stepping stones for growth and success.

I understand the struggle of balancing a powerful presence in your family while running a business and chasing personal dreams. This conversation is all about striking a balance that not only fosters business success but also nurtures family harmony. And yes, we’re tackling that nagging mom guilt head-on. My life and business philosophy intertwines facing challenges head-on and prioritizing what’s truly important – our families.

My hope is that this episode enlightens you on harnessing your unique strengths, building a supportive community, and shaping a life that’s not just successful, but deeply satisfying too.

So, to all the incredible moms out there, if you need a dose of motivation and practical tips, just press play on this episode. Remember, you’ve got this, mama!

December 8, 2023

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